Music Credits

  • A Pawn's Tale

    For this little semi-interactive short animated film, we had around 3 weeks to brainstorm, conceptualize, write, animate, and score it from start to finish.  Unfortunately, being at the end of the pipeline, that left me with about 4 days to compose and record 8 unique minutes of orchestral music, carefully and precisely synchronized to the action for a cartoon-like effect.  Despite the time constraint, this is some of my favorite work, as I was able to play with leitmotifs and distinct textures that persist across multiple scenes and moods, all playfully (but carefully) timed to match the on-screen action.


    (Fans of Shadow of the Colossus will recognize a quote of the Swift Horse theme about 2/3 of the way in!)

    There are a few live-action scenes that are missing here, leaving the plot a little inscrutable, so here's the basic premise: the Pawn is hopelessly in love with the Queen, who is together with the Knight and barely notices such a lowly vassal.  An idea occurs to him: if he gets to the opposite side of the board, he can transform into a Knight himself and win the Queen's heart!  But as he will learn, that's not quite how it works (that's the mess of iconography that the enemy pawn explains about halfway through - you don't transform, you sacrifice yourself to revive a dead piece).


  • Yeosu World Expo 2012

    The WORLD EXPO?  Hell yes I'll score something for that!  You did say WORLD expo, did you not?

    The Oceanus team wanted two scores for their two experiences, one a Twitter-based aquatic immersion with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean aesthetic influences, and the other a romp in the snow with some friendly polar bears.  The snow-themed one turned out a little Christmas-y and a little Celtic, while my score for the water-based experience was my favorite, with a very immersive, heartwarming but also vaguely dystopian aesthetic, all revolving around the zither instrument called in various cultures koto, guzheng, gayageum, and other names.


    Sumi-TwitterSafe Spot

  • Silent Wanted trailer re-sound-design/score

    This little sound design experiment was one of my first assignments in grad school - not having seen/heard the original trailer or film, I took a silent version of the trailer for Wanted and, over a weekend or so, added sound.  This includes everything you hear in my version - sound effects/foley, ambiences, the final mix.  I even wrote and directed/recorded original voiceover dialog (you can tell I haven't seen the movie) and composed the score synchronized to the action of the trailer!


  • The Bird & the Squirrel

    The Bird & the Squirrel is a short film I scored for Rebecca Scully in November 2009.  It's an incredibly cute animated fable, and it was selected for screening at the International Family Film Festival - it also received the Official Best of Fest award in the category of animation as well as in the category of family viewing, along-side such huge names as Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo and Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox.

    The score was the result of some in-depth brainstorming sessions at the piano between Rebecca and I - it acts as a narrator, not only supporting the mood of the scenes but as punctuation supporting the action and the subtext.


  • sin(Surfing)

    sin(Surfing) is a far out procedurally-generated surfing challenge game by Greg Peng and Raphael Mun. It's a simple game with a really stylish and colorful retro theme, so catchy chip pop background music was a must.

    Originally for the TIGSource procedurally generated compo, it was ported to Xbox Live Arcade Community Games - if you've got a 360, check it out! It was in the top 10 for a month or two.


    Penguin Element

  • Bossmen

    Bossmen is a really creative and colorful game consisting of 8 unique boss battles.  As the soundtrack artist, I was tasked with something unusual and wonderful - 7 NES-style chiptune boss-themes.  I studied and studied (and discovered the magic of the Castlevania 3 soundtrack for the first time), and I love the way it turned out.

    This is another IGF entrant with Game Creation Society


    Rails BossMole BossThree-Eyes

  • Various GCS Projects

    I did soundtracks for a TON of projects over the course of 2006-2009 thanks to CMU's Game Creation Society.  This is where I really learned how to listen to what my clients/project leads were saying (not as wide-spread or straight-forward a skill as it sounds).

    Some titles:  Origami, Super Ninja Go Jump, Spherena, Motora, Super GCS Brothers, AAA Extreme Ironing, Distorted, Parasomnia


    Iron IcePlantzorFountain of Fantasy Level

  • OverClocked ReMix Videogame Arrangements

    OverClocked ReMix is a community dedicated to "the appreciation, preservation, and interpretation of video game music".  It's an astounding collection of talent over there - this is where I first in earnest began to learn the elements of production and pop music styles, and it's the source of many of my mentors and inspirations.

    Over the years I've had some ReMixes of my own posted on the site under the handle Rellik and had tracks on some OCReMix projects (Voices of the Lifestream was a really high-profile FF7 album released in 2007, Chrono Symphonic, Rise of the Star)


    Mirror and TransparentDreaming On Distant Shores

  • Dreamscape

    Dreamscape is an IGF-submitted Game Creation Society dreamlike fantastical fighting game, from the analytical and creative minds of Greg Peng and John Nesky among many others. It has a unique feel, a very eccentric cast of characters, and a really cool 2d skeletal animation system supported by a rather polished animation design tool.

    I got to do the entire soundtrack (a thematic track per fighter, plus title and credits screens), along with most of the sound design (which consisted of me determining every possible pairing of objects in my dorm room and recording them being slammed against each other). This was one of my favorite soundtracks to create, as the characters were rich with unique and unstereotypical characteristics.


    RoboFetus ThemeMerin's Theme